Monday, August 13, 2012

Baby Taggie Blanket Tutorial

 I haven't sewn anything is a while, but now that my due date is approaching I have been thinking of lots of baby girl sewing projects. The trouble is finding the quiet time to make them, but this taggie blanket is super quick and easy to make! It would make a great handmade baby gift. 

-Two 16" squares of fabric
(I used two different colors and patterns of minky fabric
that I bought locally from Create Your Own Joy Studio)
-16 to 20 5" longs pieces of ribbon (I chose 3 different colors and sizes)
-Sewing Machine

 First place your 16" square pieces of fabric with the right sides facing each other.

 Next cut 16-20 pieces of ribbon each 5" long.

 Begin folding the ribbon in half to create the tags for the blanket.

 Tuck the ribbon with the folded edge inside the two pieces of fabric, leaving some of the other side sticking out. Pin each ribbon into place.

 Once all of the ribbons are pinned into place you can sew along the edges. When I passed over each of the ribbons I sewed back over then 3 times to make sure they held in place. Also make sure to leave a small opening in between two of the ribbons so that you can turn the blanket the right side out when you are done sewing. 

 Once the blanket is turned right side out it should look something like this. Now you can sew up the small hole either by hand or with your sewing machine. Then you are done!


  1. It turned out so pretty!!
    Can you please tell me where you found such beautiful minty fabric at?

    1. Thanks Heidi,
      I bought is from someone who sells it locally in Gilbert. She also sells custom blankets already made. You can visit her blog here:

  2. I make these the same way for all my friends but have never seen such beautiful colors!! Where did you find these 2 fabrics at??? Love the blanket :)

    1. I bought it from someone who sells it locally in Gilbert. She also sells custom blankets already made. You can visit her blog here for more info and contact information:

    2. Gilbert!! I live in Buckeye :)

  3. I just saw your tutorial on Pinterest and used it to make a taggie blanket and stroller toy for my cousin's baby! I linked to you on my website as well...check it out!

  4. Great idea! Labels are delicious :)


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