Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pampered Chef

Paring Knife $1.75
These are great sharp little knives.
Wonderful for cutting up a variety of food for
my 1 year old son.

Scoop $13.00
Great for scooping cookie dough,
and they come in three sizes.

Grill Press $34.00
This make a yummy panini
and can be used for lots of other cooking!

Grill Pan $135.00
I love being able to grill chicken,
fish, and sandwiches inside on the stove top.

Round Stone $21.50
These stones make some really great cookies,
they turn out perfect every time!

Kitchen Shears $16.50
I LOVE these! I use them the most for
cutting food up for my son. I cut up sandwiches, chicken, fruit,
noodles, just about anything! They save so much time and are very sharp.

Mini Whisk $9.50
I don't quite know what it is about
this whisk that makes me love it so much...
Maybe the size and the handle is heavy and sturdy...

Citrus Press $17.00
An absolute must when making Mojitos!
(Right Carley? we need to get you one of these!)

I recently hosted a pampered chef show for my friend that just started selling their products. From hosting the show I got lots of great free products. These are some of my favorite items listed above. If you see something you like or want to host a show you can check it out online.

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