Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Max's Room

We are expecting another baby boy at the end of February. His name will be Max Keller and we can't wait to meet this little guy! It is so nice that we will be able to reuse all of Hudson's clothing and baby things. I started working on Max's room a couple weeks ago and we were able to just buy a few colorful books and items to add to what we already had. I made him the pillow with the elephant applique on it, the blanket with his name, and painted the yellow letter "M" and framed it against some matching fabric. I am kind of obsessed with the jelly cat stuffed animals, so we placed a couple of those in his room. You can find them at Anthropologie, and they are the softest, cutest stuffed animals...in my opinion! :) I ordered the monkey bin from 3 sprouts on Amazon.com and will probably use it for a hamper or for toys when he is older. I also just ordered some alphabet flashcards to hang over the closet doors to brighten up that wall. I buy all of my soft fabric to make blankets from Create Your Own Joy Studio. She also sells blankets that are already made, along with other really cute baby items.

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  1. Can't believe I didn't check out his room when I was over! I want to see it in person...but it's so cute! Uh, ya, Jellycats are amazing. Kingston has a few too...I keep trying to think of excuses of why I need to buy more :) Can't wait to meet you, Max!


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