Monday, April 16, 2012

Microphone Cupcakes

 I made these cupcakes for Hudson's 4th Birthday Party, which was a dance party themed around the Party Rock Anthem Song. We called it a "Shufflin' Party" :)
We had so much fun and I can't wait to post more pictures soon! Until then, here are some easy cupcakes to make for any music or dance themed party. 

I made Funfetti cupcake for the kids and baked them as directed on the packaging. Once they have cooled you can peel the cupcake wrapper and place each one inside of an ice cream cone. I used the jumbo sized cones and they fit perfectly. Once the cupcake was in the cone I frosted them with butter cream frosting. Then dipped the cupcakes in black sanding sugar.

I also made this cake for the party and used the guitar cake kit by Ace of Cakes. I found the kit on clearance at Micheal's. It included the stencils to cut the cake to the right shape, a knife, and some edible and non-edible embellishments for the cake.


  1. So cute and unique! Awesome job!

  2. I've also heard that you can pour batter into the icecream cones and bake them, but I've never actually tried it. Yours are so precious, though. Your little boy will remember moments like these for the rest of his life. He's lucky to have a great mom like you. :)

  3. pretty :D

  4. Love this idea! Your blog looks great. If you get the chance, come and visit me at

    Take care!

  5. these are soo cool!! I made someting sort of like this, but they were icecream cup cakes :)

    love K

  6. I love these! Great idea for a rock n roll inspired party :)

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    The Pretty Pinhead

  7. Very unique :) and delicious cakes ! Really looks like a microphone :P

  8. These are SO awesome! Thank you for sharing :)


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