Wednesday, November 20, 2013

How to Save Your i Phone From Water Damage

A couple weeks ago my i phone was thrown into the toilet... by my one year old. I saw the whole thing coming when she grabbed my phone and made a dash for my bathroom! In my head I just knew if the lid was up it was going in the toilet. Sure enough as I chased in after her there is was at the bottom of the toilet. I frantically started grabbing at it and it took me a minute or two to get it out because it was wedged in the hole of the toilet! You can read below exactly what I did when I got it out, because somehow it turned back on 24 hours later in full working condition!

-Power off your phone as quickly as possible.
-Remove the case and any protective screen covers. 
-Wipe the phone dry and use a q-tip to absorb any water in the plugs.
-Fill a plastic ziploc bag with rice and place your phone inside. 
-Seal the bag and make sure your phone is surrounded by rice.
-Wait...this is the hard part! Wait 24 to 36 hours before turning your phone back on. And before you turn it on make sure you see no sign of any moisture. If you do put it back in the rice and wait longer!

I do not have the best patience so my phone showed no signs of moisture after 24 I turned it back on. It worked! If I had the self control it might have been best to wait 36 hours...just to play it safe...but I didn't. I wasn't sure if the bag of rice trick would work, but it did! So thankful that we didn't have to replace my phone!

Another thing you can do is check your phone for water damage by checking for the “Liquid Contact Indicator” locations as shown in the image above from Apple. If your phone is showing red it is indicating water damage. This would also affect your warranty. 

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