Tuesday, March 17, 2009


A couple years ago my friend Jessica introduced me to a wonderful store called LUSH. If you have never been you have to go! They sell fresh handmade cosmetics. I would always go in for their bath bombs because when I was pregnant I loved taking baths. They have a wall of all different kinds that smell amazing, and make your skin extra soft. All of their products are made from natural products, and they let you sample them before you buy them. Once I sampled a few of their products I was hooked. I love their ocean salt cleanser, it exfoliates your skin and you can feel the difference when you're done! What also makes this store a great place to shop is the wonderful customer service! All the employees are extremely knowledgeable and can help you find products that work for your skin type. There is a Lush located in Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale.

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  1. Ocean Salt is probably one of the greatest products ever!!! The next time you're in the store, ask them if they'll demo "Oceany Flutter" for you. It's a combination of ocean salt and their cuticle butter Lemony Flutter. AMAZING. (I used to work there, I miss it...and the discout!)


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