Thursday, April 4, 2013

We Bought a House...

We bought a house in February and I have been hesitant to post pictures because I wanted to have some 'after' pictures so everyone didn't think we were absolutely crazy! We have quite the project on our hands, and my VERY hardworking husband has been working all day and night to get this house ready for move-in. There's still so much to do, but SO MUCH progress made as well! This is the front of the house (pictured above), however we are focusing our time and money on the inside first. You will see why as you scroll down! The house was a foreclosure in poor condition and filled with junk! It is a basement home located in downtown Gilbert.

This is the huge side yard that the kids are going to love playing in. The yard has a garden that is already starting to come back... citrus trees, an apple tree, pomegranate tree, a vineyard, and 8 raised garden beds! There's also a chicken coup in the back corner.

This grapevine already has tons of blossoms coming back since I took this picture!

Here are the raised beds...Excited to start gardening!

Now are you ready to see a very dirty house???

Kitchen sink view

Kitchen sink view after demo

 Kitchen sink view
Cabinets are going in now!

This was a large hidden pantry that we removed to open the kitchen up to the family room. 

Kitchen view from where the hidden pantry was.

Family Room view to front door

Family Room view to front door
(Opened up the front room, which will become formal dining, to the family room)

View to family room and front door from the kitchen.
Canned lighting in and dry wall going up.

We have filled 4 dumpsters and are finally coming out of the messy demo stages. 

 My sister and I working in the basement.

 My brother-in-law, Kyle helping paint the basement.

My sister, Wesley removing wallpaper on the ceiling! 

View down hallway to bedrooms.

View down hallway to bedrooms.
New texture on walls, paint, and floors going in now!

Lots of progress happening everyday and we are so very grateful for all the help from our family that has gotten us this far! I will be posting more pictures soon. We are hoping to be moving in by the end of April with most major projects done. 


  1. Wow! It looks amazing so far! My Hubby owns a contracting business & this is probably the kind of house we'll end up buying because you get a much better deal on something you're willing to put work into. Great job!!!

  2. The new place looks great -- I can't believe how much yard and the variety of trees, how lovely. And looks like you guys have accomplished so much already! The before pics of our house weren't great either, but we felt the potential was all there. Yours looks like a total gem too. Can't wait to see how it comes along. You're doing such a good job already!


  3. Oh, wow! You've been busy! I love the back yard.


  4. So fun! I cannot wait to see the final outcome. =)

  5. My goodness it is amazing how much ya'll have accomplished! I know you all must be tired at night! The yard is great! I love the new kitchen cabinets! lin


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