Saturday, December 3, 2011

Cocktails and Cupcakes Bridal Shower

 Here is my beautiful sister Wesley!
She is getting married in about one month and I am so excited for her and Kyle. We had a lot of fun celebrating her the other night and I wanted to share some of the pictures. The pictures were taken by Andrea of Limeflower Studio. Thanks so much Andrea for capturing the night for us!

The Bridal Shower was an evening shower, for cocktails, cupcakes, and other desserts. All the girls came dressed in their best and looked awesome!

 Fun dessert table decorated with balloons, tissue poms, streamers, glitter cupcake wrappers, party bead necklaces, rhinestone confetti, candles, and party hats.

Yummy Mudslide Punch

We played the toilet paper wedding dress game. You divide into groups of about 4-5 girls and each group is given about 3 rolls of toilet paper to make a wedding dress. Each group must pick one girl in the group to model the dress. Everyone got pretty creative and had a lot of fun with it!
The Bride-to-be gets to choose the winner. 

 The other game we played was the Bridal Shower Trivia Game. I video taped Kyle (the Groom) answering 13 questions about Wesley (the Bride). Then at the shower you give the guests the questions to try to answer. Once everyone is done filling out their answers you play the video, but have the bride answer the questions before playing the grooms answer. It was another fun game that got lots of laughs! Whoever answers the most questions correctly wins a prize.

Then we all had fun being silly for pictures in the photo booth area I had set up. I bought teal wrapping paper and taped it to the wall.

 It was a great night, and loved celebrating my little sister... Next up Bachelorette Party!!!
Love you Wes!

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  1. This is SO fun and pretty!! Hope you can link it up at my turquoise lovin' party going on right now!!

  2. I am currently trying to plan of these for my best friend who is getting married in September. I am having difficulty with trying to find a venue since I am in a completely different state than the bride. Any suggestions on venues or locations or were you able to do this is a home?


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