Friday, December 9, 2011

Homemade Christmas Ornament

 I wanted to do a Christmas craft with Hudson and thought it would be fun to help him make an ornament for our tree. I got the idea from Parent's Magazine here. They have so many great craft and Christmas ornament ideas! The one that they made has penguins in the "snow globe" made from pipe cleaners. It was really cute, I just didn't have any pipe cleaners. So Hudson and I made a snow globe ornament with a Christmas tree in it and a North Pole sign.
Here is what you'll need to make this one:
  • 1 Small clear plastic cup
  • Stiff felt for base and sign
  • Red bakers twine
  • 1 Red stripes paper straw
  • Green tulle
  • 1 Lollipop stick
  • Silver glitter
  • Tacky spray glue
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Thumb tack, to poke hole in cup

 First trace around the top of the plastic cup on a piece of the stiff felt. Then cut out the circle slightly larger then the line so that the cup will fit on the felt. 

 Next using the thumb tack poke a hole in the bottom of the cup (the top of your ornament). My plastic cup cracked a little at the top, but it didn't really matter. Fold your piece of twine in half and thread through the hole. Tie a knot so the twine won't come back through the hole. You should now have a loop to hang your ornament like in the picture.

 Next cut your paper straw so it will fit inside of the cup. Then cut a small rectangle of felt and write North Pole on it. Glue the sign around the top of the striped paper straw.

 Next cut pieces of tulle and begin to tie them around the lollipop stick. Don't worry about what it looks like with the length of the tulle because you will just trim it with scissors. You may need to cut the lollipop stick shorter. Once it is covered in tulle trim the tulle so it is shaped like a tree. We wrapped a small piece of silver pipe cleaner on top.

 Then you can glue the tree and North Pole sign onto the stiff felt. Make sure it is centered so that the cup will fit over top. 

 Then place your tree in a box (so glitter doesn't get everywhere) and spray with the tacky glue. Sprinkle with glitter and shake off any excess. Then glue on the cup and let it dry before hanging.

 A lot of this craft required me getting it ready for what Hudson was able to do or helping him do it. But, we still had fun making it together! An older child would be able to do much more of this on their own. 
But for the little ones they can still:
-Help cut the felt
-String the twine through the hole
-Cut the paper straw
-Cut pieces of tulle
-Hold lollipop stick while you tie tulle
-Help trim the tulle tree
-Sprinkle with glitter!

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  1. Adorable and so crafty!! Couldn't help but to Pin It for next year :)

  2. The ornament is really adorable and that is awesome that your child and you did that together. Moments like those are precious and something to cherish.

  3. Love your ornament. The tree is darling. I would love for you to share at Bacon Time, linky fri-monday.

    Happy holidays.

  4. Oh my goodness s-how cute is this?!?! I like yours much better than the magazine, actually. This would be cute as an annual ornament...a new one each year, maybe even like a time capsule?

    Well done!


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