Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cloud Dough

 I made this cloud dough for Hudson to play with and got the recipe from Pre-School Play via I Can Teach My Child. All it is, is a mixture of flour and baby oil! It feels super soft in your hands and sticks together like wet sand would. Hudson pretended to make cupcakes and cakes with his, and I gave him some paper straws to use as pretend candles. I made a batch last week for him to play with outside in his sand table. Today I made a few batches for him to play with inside in a large bin on the floor.

You will need just flour, baby oil, and a container for mixing. I made smaller batches and used this Tupperware that already has the 32oz (4 cup) measuring marked. That made it easy to just fill to the line and add the baby oil.

Mix together:
4 Cups Flour
1/2 Cup Baby Oil
(easy to double or make as many batches as you need to fill a play tub)

Stir together until it looks like little crumbs and oil is absorbed. I used a spoon at first, then just mixed it with my hands.

I placed a large plastic bin on top of a vinyl tablecloth on out floor for Hudson to play with the dough in. Some of it made it to the red mat, but it was easy to pour it back into the bin when he was done.

I gave him an old muffin tin, cookie sheet, spoon, play cups, bowls, and some paper straws to use as pretend candles. I think you can make this activity new and different each time by changing out some of the play tools that they use with the dough.

Hudson had fun playing and Max liked feeling the cloud dough too, just had to make sure it didn't go in his mouth. I ended up making 3 or 4 batches of the cloud dough to fill his tub.

I made this label when I made some of the cloud dough as a gift. You can save the image and print onto card stock or I printed it onto labels. I put one on a gift tag and tied to a mason jar. Then I used another label to place on Hudson's Tupperware of cloud dough. Would be cute to use as a tag for party favors too. You can add the child's name onto one of the clouds.


  1. Just made a batch for my kids and its an instant hit!

  2. could you use something other than baby oil- maybe vegetable oil so it's safe if they do eat it by accident?

  3. I used vegetable oil because my son still likes to put things in his mouth and it comes out the same.


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