Thursday, January 19, 2012

January Preschool Activities

I am a little late on posting this, but here are some ideas of things to do with preschool age kids at home. Hudson's preschool sends home a calendar every month with ideas on it for each weekday. What we are sent home with coordinates with what they are learning about in school. Would love to hear any ideas of simple activities that you have been doing with your young kids at home! I have added a few of my own to the list.

  • Draw a picture of something you did over winter break
  • Help Mom or Dad make dinner
  • Find things in the house that begin with letter N
  • Talk about MLK Jr. and dreams and ambitions
  • Have a family member read to you for 10 minutes
  • Make patterns out of stickers
  • Practice rainbow writing your name
  • Trace the numbers 1-15
  • Practice putting on and zipping your coat
  • Practice counting as high as you can
  • Cut pictures from a magazine and create a winter scene
  • Find 5 things that are white
  • Make bathtub paint with shaving cream and food colors, paint a picture in the tub
  • Make a bird feeder with a pine cone, peanut butter, birdseed, and yarn. Hang it in a tree in your backyard
  • Sit and take turn telling stories with Mom or Dad

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  1. That's an awesome activities, the kids will gonna enjoy it. I will surely have this in my preschool. Thanks for the idea! Child care


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