Sunday, June 30, 2013

Play Dough Volcano

Hudson made a play dough volcano with baking soda and vinegar at school last week. He wanted to make another one right when he got home! He is really into science experiments like this, and I've had to restock my baking soda and vinegar supply quite a bit lately!

You will need:
-Red food coloring
-Baking soda
-Small water bottle
-Play dough, recipe here.
-Baking sheet
-aluminum foil

First line your baking sheet with foil.
Then use a funnel to place 3-4 spoonfuls of baking soda in the water bottle. 

 Next cover your water bottle with play dough. 

Then mix red food coloring into about 1 cup of vinegar to make the "Red Lava" 

 Hudson place some small toys around his volcano.
Then pour the vinegar into the volcano.

 Watch the volcano erupt!
You should be able to pour the vinegar into the volcano a few times to make it erupt.
Then we added more baking soda to ours to do it a few more times. 

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