Monday, February 17, 2014

Max's Rocket Party

Loved celebrating Max's 3rd Birthday this weekend! He has been talking about his "Rocket Party" for weeks and it was so great to see him loving every minute of the party! Love this little guys excitement  and sweet heart!

There are lots of tutorials out there for making these adorable jet packs. I knew Max would love one! I made this one using 2 2-liter soda bottles, 2 paper cups (spray painted silver), yellow cray paper, cotton balls, and duct tape. 

 The kids built rockets that I had prepared by filling water bottles with water, glitter, and star confetti. I glued the lids on and also glued the rocket tops on. The kids colored on papers that I had pre-cut to wrap around the rocket and to use as fins. I had markers, chalk, washi tape and stickers for them to use to decorate their rockets.

 For treats we had push up pops and rice crispy treats shaped like rockets and stars.

We also had fruit kabob rockets made with watermelon, banana, and canned pineapple. 

I used a template of a rocket that I cutout using my silhouette machine to create a rocket shaped cake that we placed candles and sparklers in. I used black sprinkles and the template to add the shapes on top.

The kids all went on a "moon rock hunt". I filled easter eggs with starbursts, glow in the dark stars, tattoos, and some rainbow loom bracelets. My boys had fun wrapping all the eggs in foil to make them into moon rocks. The kids had fun finding them and unwrapping them to find their surprises inside. 

Sent the kids home with mini nerf rockets as a party favor.