Saturday, February 28, 2015

Max's Batman Party

Max started talking about his "batman party" long before any party planning had begun. It seems like that is how it goes around here. My kids get so excited about their birthday parties and almost always have a clear vision of what kind of theme they want it to be. Then I get to make it all happen for them! Max knew he was having a batman party, however he did NOT know that Batman was coming to his party! The look on all the kids faces when Batman walked in was priceless. There was total chaos, with kids running and screaming through the house...then complete silence with their jaws open wide! The kids had a blast completing Batman Training and played other fun games with him out in the yard. 
We also did an obstacle course for the kids to complete with these 6 stations: 
1. Run through a city ( The kids knocked over large boxes painted black with yellow squares that were stacked up to look like a city)
2. Superhero "pops" (The kids jumped on large sheets of bubble wrap 5 times making popping sounds)
3. Climbing through lazers (They climbed through strands of rope without touching it)
4. Shooting the bad guys (They sprayed silly string at pictures of Mr. Freeze)
5. Super hero smash power (Using Hulk's hands and Thor's hammer the kids each got to smash 3 ice cream cones)
6. Super hero punch power (At the end of the obstacle course the kids each got a prize from the punch box. To create a punch box you take an empty box and cut circles into it, line the circles with tissue paper. Then using small paper bags you tape a bag behind each hole with a prize inside! The kids punch through the tissue paper to get their prize! They LOVED it! You can see some pictures below.

Max still talks about his "Batman Party", which brings a smile to my face.

Several of the printables that we used at the party are available below: