Friday, June 3, 2011

DIY Ring Bearer Pillow

My sister is getting married in January and had the idea of making the ring bearer pillow out of burlap. She bought the fabric flower that we attached to the pillow on sale at Francesca's Collections. This was a really easy and inexpensive wedding project and didn't take us long to put together.
First cut two squares from the burlap, ours were about 6"x6" squares.
 Next pin together the squares with the right sides facing in, however with the burlap it probably won't make a difference which way you face the fabric. Sew along the edge leaving an opening in one side to fill with batting.

Turn the pillow right side out and fill with the batting. Next pin the opening closed and then sew along the edge.
Next we cut a piece of ribbon that is long enough to tie a bow with the rings on it. We found the center of the ribbon and clipped it onto the back of the flower. The flower also has a pin on the back, which we used to attach it to the pillow. If you are making your own flower without a clip and a pin you will want to attach the ribbon to the back of the flower and then to one side of the burlap before you pin both squares of the burlap together. You can easily attach the flower and ribbon by hand sewing it onto the burlap.


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  1. This pillow is so sweet and pretty. I'm a bit obsessed with burlap lately! Thanks for dropping by to check out my retro father's day labels:)


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