Wednesday, December 28, 2011

DIY Cake Dummy

I made this cake dummy from Styrofoam rounds and covered it with fondant. I use it to display the mini bunting cake toppers that I sell in my Etsy shop, however I have used them to display on dessert tables at parties as well. They are really easy to make and you can use this simple technique to make all different sizes of them. I made mine very simple so that I can reuse it for different holidays and occasions. I pin different colors of ribbon around the center or bottom to decorate it. However, you could color your fondant and add fondant decorations to the cake as well. They last a really long time, I have had some for a few years before throwing them away.
Here is what you will need:
  • 3 - 6"x1" Styrofoam rounds
  • 2 wooden cake dowels, cut into 4 pieces
  • Fondant (can use wilton brand from craft store)
  • Wire cutters or something to trim the wood dowels
  • Mat (to roll fondant on)
  • Rolling pin

1. Stack the rounds to make your cake. You can use whichever size you'd like, I made mine with 6" rounds. 
2. Insert one of the wooden dowels into all three rounds and mark it at the top where it is level with the Styrofoam.
3. Trim all four of the dowels to that length
4. Insert them into the Styrofoam cake as shown above. This will home the pieces of Styrofoam together.

1. Roll out your mat and dust with cornstarch. 
2. Roll out your fondant large enough so that it will cover the your cake with some excess to trim off the bottom. It helps to have a mat with the measurements on it. (so if your cake is 6"x3" you want your fondant to be rolled to about 13" all the way around. Don't make it too thin or the Styrofoam will tear through the fondant. The wilton fondant works great for cake dummies.
3. Flip your mat upside down on top of the Styrofoam cake so that it is centered.
4. Peel back the mat so that the cake looks like the picture above.
5. Now you will need to pull the fondant so that it is smooth of the cake without and creases or folds. You can use an angled spatula to help trim the extra fondant off from the bottom of the cake. Work on small sections at a time, working your way around the cake until all of it is smooth and trimmed. Let the cake dry. If you want to have any holes in the cake to hold toppers or candles make them while the fondant is still soft.

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