Wednesday, September 25, 2013

DIY Sign with Reclaimed Wood

I have been making quite a few Halloween crafts this week, and this one could be customized for any holiday or just as a year round sign to display in your home. My in-laws brought me a whole bunch of reclaimed wood that they found, and I love the white washed boards that I used for this project. I was actually able to make this sign using all items I already had at home. Here is what you'll need:

-A piece of reclaimed wood, size will depend on what you plan to put on it
-Paint, I used a Folk Art black acrylic paint
-Stencil or cut your own using silhouette machine and cardstock
-Sponge brush

1. Design your stencil using the silhouette software. I downloaded a free halloween font called Carnival Freakshow, you can find it here.  Cut the phrase on cardstock and trim it to fit on your piece of wood. Or use any stencil you'd like.

2. Tape your stencil to the piece of wood. 

3. Sponge on your paint over the stencil. Make sure not to use too much paint on your brush or it will bleed under the stencil. 

4. Pull off your stencil and let the paint dry. If you'd like to make your paint look more distressed you can go over it gently with sandpaper. 

It's a very simple and fast craft that can be customized anyway you'd like.

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