Sunday, October 13, 2013

Halloween Decor

My boys get really excited for Halloween, so I have fun decorating the house with them. Hudson loves when we bring out the Halloween bin! Each year we add a few new items to it. I have found great Halloween decorations at the dollar store, Target, thrift stores, and some are homemade. You can find more details below.

I decorated the entry table with cobwebs, old books, white pumpkins, and some other Halloween decor we've collected over the the last year. The Happy Halloween banner I made with my sister using burlap, stencils, black paint, black ribbon, and a glue gun. 

 Stick on bats went on the front door. I found them at Target.

Pumpkins on the front porch with lanterns feels like classic Halloween decorations.
Trick or Treat Sign Tutorial HERE

 Kept it simple in the kitchen with white and silver. Fill a large glass jar with mini white pumpkins to decorate your countertop for Halloween and Fall.

Found black halloween netting to drape over our gold mirror at the dollar store. Also less messy and easier to clean up than the spider webs. 

We also found these black mice cut outs at the dollar store. Placed them on the stairway kick boards going into the basement. 

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