Friday, April 18, 2014

Froot Loop Sand Art with Gospel Colors

I wanted to put together a craft for the kids on Easter and came across Froot Loop Sand Art and thought it looked like something the kids would enjoy doing. I also came across the gospel colors with jelly I thought I would combine the two. We had to make some of the Froot Loop colors work... purple was the closest to black for sin and yellow closest to white for forgiveness. 
I loved the conversation it brought about with my oldest son as we poured the different symbolic colors into our vase. We plan on doing it again on Easter morning with friends. 

Here is a layout of what we had each color represent and a verse for each topic. We poured the "sand" in the vase in that order so we could talk about each one as we layered them.

 First have your kiddos separate all the colors into piles.
Great color recognition for the younger ones!

Next place each color in a sandwich size ziploc bag. Make sure to release all the air and seal it shut. Let your little ones crush the Froot Loops into sand! My boys loved this part!

We used a funnel to pour our "sand" into a glass vase.
You could also just use plastic cups.

And that's it! 
A fun craft that also opens up an opportunity for great conversation and learning for your little ones! 


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