Thursday, June 30, 2011

Build a Fort

Another inside activity that I did with Hudson this week since it has been so hot outside. He loves building forts and playing in his camping tent. So I thought it might be fun to switch it up a bit. We made a fort in his room with the following things:
  • old sheet
  • string (length depends on your ceiling height)
  • clothes pins or chip clips
I took an old sheet and cut two small slits about 2 inches apart at the center. Place your string through the slits so that it's coming out the top of both holes. I used rick rack because it was all I could find. Then I looped it on the air vent on Hudson's ceiling. Since the rick rack is hanging the sheet low, it did not block the air coming into his room. Then we took the clothes pins and attached the edges of the sheet to his curtains and tied another edge to his closet door knob. Then I placed his play toy door (which my future brother-in-law made and was such a clever idea!) at another side to hold the sheet up and create an entrance.  Get creative with what you have around the house or in the room to hold up the sheet. Once we were done it made a great, fun, new place to read books, play with his toys, and tell stories. Hudson loves telling stories! :)

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