Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Tara's Bridal Shower

This past weekend we celebrated with my brother's fiance, Tara. We had a bridal shower and bachelorette party. It was a lot of fun to spend the day celebrating with her and be able to meet all of her friends and family. I made the cake for her shower, and had a lot of fun making it. It only needed to serve 25 to 30 people, but I ended up making enough cake for about 90! I just wanted to make it three tiered, so there were lots of leftovers. The color of their wedding is the purple color i used on the cake and they are having orchids in the wedding. Tara made a wonderful suggestion for the cake flavor and filling (that I believe they are having as their wedding cake). I made white cake with a lemon mousse and raspberry preserve. It was a really good combination of flavors!

At the shower they had a champagne bar, where you could make your own champagne drinks. They had champagne flutes out, with different recipes to follow. This was such a cute idea! They had all different mixers; orange juice, a peach puree, strawberry mixer, pomegranate juice, pineapple juice, and other fun things to add.

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