Thursday, July 14, 2011

No Sew TuTu

This is a really easy project to make, it doesn't require any sewing or special skills. All you have to do is tie a bunch of knots onto a ribbon and you've got a really cute tutu. You could just use one color tulle, however I alternated between the Taffy Pink and Pink colors. You will not use all of the tulle on the spool, unless you're going to making the tutu longer and or wider in length. The one I made could really be used as early as age 1 all the way up to age 4. You can bunch the tulle close together to make a smaller waist and then spread it out as the child gets bigger. Here's what to do:
Here is what you'll be using to make the tutu.
First cut your ribbon to about 60 inches in length, this will give you plenty of ribbon left over to tie a bow for in the back of the tutu. Next make sure the ends of the ribbon are cut how you would like them to stay and then apply the fray check to the edges. Allow to dry.
Next tie your ribbon in a bow making sure that it is centered and leaving enough room for it to fit around a child's waist.
Now you can begin to cut your tulle into strips. I cut mine to about 20-22 inches in length. However, the tulle will be folded in half when tied around the tutu, so it will actually only be 10-11 inches in length. Maybe even a little less, once the knots get tied.
To make the knots you will first fold the tulle in half "hot dog style" :) twice. Then you will fold it "hamburger style" around the ribbon while making sure the ends are even. Then you will tie two knots in the tulle onto the ribbon. While making the knots make sure they all align at the bottom of the ribbon; like shown in the picture above. If you're using two different colors, alternate between the two colors as you make your way around the ribbon.

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  1. i love new sew projects. my sewing machine and i have disagreements. i stopped by from life made lovely.


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