Sunday, July 17, 2011

Tara's Baby Shower

 We celebrated my sister-in-law Tara and sweet baby Avery this weekend! The shower was lots of fun and very pretty. The tables were decorated with pink table cloths and burlap, with fresh flowers. The fresh flowers were placed in small glass vases for the guests to take home with them as favors. The shower was also decorated with homemade banners, a clothes line, and tissue pom poms.

We played two games at the shower; Guess the baby food game and Guess the Mommy's Belly size game. To play the baby food game you place numbers on the baby food jar (like the picture above) and provide paper and pens for everyone to write their guesses on. You can also provide spoons for each jar so that people can smell the baby food or taste it if they'd like. After everyone makes their guesses someone in charge of the game can announce the answers and whoever had the most correct wins a prize. For the guess the mommy's belly size game you will need a spool of yarn and scissors. First measure the Mommy's belly size by wrapping the yarn around her belly and cutting to that size. Then go around and have each woman at the shower guess the size of her belly by cutting the yarn. You can then have each women measure her piece of yarn by either wrapping it around the mommy's belly or by measuring it against the yarn.

I made the cake and cupcakes to match baby Avery's nursery. The nursery is decorated with Caden Lane's Finley Bedding and with the tree wall decal. You can find the details on how I made the cake here.

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