Thursday, September 22, 2011

Mummie Juice Boxes

I saw this super cute idea on Pinterest and it was done by They are really simple and easy to make for a kids Halloween party. All you need is some white electrical tape, googly eyes, and juice boxes! You can find more details here from
I used the small sized juice boxes. You just remove the straw and wrap the box in tape. Punch a hole in the tape for the straw. Then stick on the googly eyes and put one or two extra pieces of tape over the eyes to make some different faces!


  1. @Kelsey
    Thanks Kelsey :) BTW I am in love with your Halloween Banner! SOO excited!!!

  2. Adorable idea! The kids I nanny for would love this! xoxo

  3. Those are sooooooo adorable ! Can't wait to give it a try ! It could be hilarious to add some long eyelashes :)


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