Thursday, September 15, 2011

Superhero Cake

So I realize that I made this cake for Hudson back in April, but I have been making some Superhero cupcake toppers lately and it took me back to this cake. I don't think I ever posted some of these pictures of it, so I thought I would now. I made the superhero topper from fondant and it is being held up with toothpicks that dried inside of the legs. Maybe one day soon I will post a full tutorial on how to make one! I think I might also start selling the Superhero cake topper in my Etsy shop for those who would rather just buy one and not make it. :) It was a fun day, can't believe it has already been almost 6 months since then! Love that kid!

Pictures by Melissa Young Photography


  1. What beautiful pictures!! I love the cake! I just started my blog today and have been traveling around the blogosphere meeting such wonderful people!!

  2. @The Beginner Housewife
    Thanks! Just became a follower of your blog ;)
    Very cute, look forward to reading more!

  3. that paper doll costume has got to be my all time favorite!!!!


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