Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Strawberry Lemonade

Rinse and slice 1 lb of fresh strawberries, set aside some for garnish. Place the rest in a blender or food processor with 3 tablespoons of sugar. Puree until smooth.
Pour the strawberry puree into a pitcher, or you can divide it among your serving glasses. These would look really cute served in mason jars with a lemon and strawberry garnish and a paper straw.

Now you can add your lemonade to the puree. I used the Simply Lemonade that is not from concentrate instead of making homemade lemonade. However, you could always make homemade lemonade, you can find a recipe here.
Stir, and garnish with some lemon and strawberry slices. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Pour over ice and enjoy!

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  1. This looks SO good, esp on a hot summer day! I can't wait to try it :)


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