Monday, May 16, 2011

DIY Chalkboard Paint Labels

My once organized craft room has become a big unorganized mess lately. Things have lost their place and I have bought new things that need to have an organized space. So I am starting to get things sorted. I had some extra chalkboard spray paint leftover from a previous project and decided to use some of it to create labels on some of my boxes and jars. All you need are: jars, the chalkboard spray paint, painters tape, chalk, and another color spray paint if you plan on painting an old box. Here's how to do it:
These are the spray paints that I used to paint my box.
I wanted the inside of my box to remain the light wood color, so I taped it off and trimmed the extra tape from around the sides.
I taped off the sides of the box, then spray painted the whole front side of the box with the black chalkboard paint.
Once the paint is dry peel off the tape on the sides of the box and then cut a rectangle out of the tape. Make it the size that you want your label to be, the center it on the front of the box. Now you can spray paint the rest of the box the color that you want it to be.
Once that paint is dry, you can pull off the tape from the top of the box and the tape that was covering your label.
I filled my box with small containers of paint and some other painting supplies. 
Now to make a label on a glass jar; you tape off an area on the front of the jar. It helps to use thick tape so it keeps that rest of the jar covered from the spray paint. Also make sure you push the edges of the tape down to keep paint from bleeding through.
Spray paint the space left open, once it is dry peel off the tape.
I used this jar to hold all of my little fabric scraps that I know I can reuse for something else later.
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